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Director Hideyuki Tokigawa映像作家 時川 英之

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Hideyuki Tokigawa
Film Director
Born in 1972, 3rd, November
Vancouver Film school / Meiji University

Japanese film maker, Hideyuki Tokigawa, began his career in Singapore working for Discovery Channel Asia, before returning to Tokyo to work for Walt Disney Television International , where he lead the TV Production Unit as Senior Producer.
In 2002 he began to independently create feature length documentaries, TV commercials, music videos and short films, many of which have been broadcast on major networks and cable syndicates. Hideyuki's international experience and bilingual ability give him the advantage of a unique perspective.
2009, He has set up the company, TimeRiver Pctures, Inc.

時川 英之 (ときがわ ひでゆき)


2009年 TimeRiver Pictures 株式会社を設立。