時川 英之 / 監督

Hideyuki Tokigawa / Film Director

  • Hideyuki Tokigawa
    Film Director
    Born in 1972, 3rd, November
    Vancouver Film school / Meiji University

    Japanese film maker, Hideyuki Tokigawa, began his career in Singapore working for Discovery Channel Asia, before returning to Tokyo to work for Walt Disney Television International , where he lead the TV Production Unit as Senior Producer.
    In 2002 he worked with one of the most famous film director Shunji Iwai for World CUP documentary film. And he has studied under Iwai to learn film.
    2009, Hideyuki has set up the company, TimeRiver Pictures, Inc.
    He directs feature films, documentaries, TV commercials and music videos.

    2012, He wrote and direct his first feature film "Radio Love". It started in small theater of Hiroshima then it spread to nation wide in Japan.
    2014, He wrote and direct a feature film "Cinema Angel". it was made for the actual over 100years old movie theater's closing.
    2017, He directed the film "Dancing in her Dreams" which is a parallel love story in strip club in Japan.

  • 時川 英之 (ときがわ ひでゆき)

    2009年TimeRiver Pictures 株式会社を設立。

    初監督映画「ラジオの恋」は小規模の作品にも関わらず広島で異例のロングランした後、全国公開へと展開した。2作目の映画「シネマの天使」は120年以上の歴史ある映画館 大黒座の閉館をきっかけに福山市で制作された物語。